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  • 2016-6-15The price of glufosinate 119 thousand yuan / ton far under the touch months will fall below 100 thousand yuan?

    Recently, due to the price storm glufosinate once again pushed to the in the teeth of the storm.
    On June 12, Shijiazhuang richeschem Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: richeschem chemical) announced again lowered glufosinate ammonium price to $11.9 million yuan / ton, the distanc..

  • 2016-6-15Glyphosate resistance and method of use

    The pure product is a colorless crystal, and the salt preparation is easy to dissolve in water. In the soil, the half-life of the salt formulation is less than 3 days.
    41% water agent,
    62% water agent,
    95% powder

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