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  • 2016-6-8CPPCC gathered four hot point of the people's livelihood

    This year, the people's livelihood hot point on the two sessions focused on delay retirement, professional title reform, education reform, health care and other fields, some of the macro policy and insightful Suggestions will become the hot spot in the inside and outside.

  • 2015-11-27Five years later the dosage of chemical fertilizers is expected to zero growth

    In agriculture at a news conference held recently, the ministry of agriculture proposed in 2020, our country agriculture to achieve "one of two minus three basic", namely agricultural water amount control; To reduce chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fertilizers and pesticides dosage zero growth; ..

  • 2015-11-27To ensure the safety of agricultural and sideline products want to make a good combination

    With the continuous improvement of the income of urban and rural residents, the quality safety problems of agricultural and sideline products has attracted high attention from all walks of life. How to ensure that residents to maintain safe and reliable life of three meals a day? Is that regulato..

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